Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intents and Purpose

This blog's purpose is to chronicle my experiences as a returning Magic: The Gathering player. I last played 10 years ago, during Urza's Saga. Drafts, sealed constructed, purchasing Magic cardboard discussion is encouraged.

Deck which I'm building when starting back...

22 x Swamp
3 x Black Knight
3 x Bloodthrone Vampire
3 x Child of Night
3 x Dark Tutelage
3 x Demon Horn
2 x Diabolic Tutor
4 x Doom Blade
1 x Liliana Vess
3 x Phylactery Lich
2 x Quag Sickness
4 x Reassembling Skeleton
2 x Sign in Blood
1 x Sword of Vengeance
4 x Viscera Seer

1 comment:

  1. Yo. I'm actually a casual player of Magic and just had a quick question: What sort of deck is that? (As in, what would you label it as? E.g. Control, Deck Bleed, Polymorph, etc.)